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Frequently Asked Questions – HK Formula E

2 - 3/12/2017

2 - 3/12/2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

2 - 3/12/2017

2 - 3/12/2017

Where are Formula E races held?

All races are held in city centres in some of the world’s leading cities. Formula E believes that cities are the natural environment for electric cars and that racing in urban environments will best promote the use, and popularity, of these vehicles. Season 4’s new cities include Santiago, Sao Paulo and Rome.

What is FanBoost? How does it work?

FanBoost is an online voting system that allows the fans to play an interactive role in influencing the outcome of the race. Votes can be cast via www.fiaformulae.com or through the official App, and opens approximately one month before each E-Prix. The top three drivers with the most votes win FanBoost, giving them an extra speed boost to use during the race. The winners are announced on the grid 30 minutes before the race.

Why is the event being held in December this year instead of October?

The 2017/2018 race calendar is determined by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (“FIA”), the international governing body of motorsports. Their aim is to have a more compact calendar for the upcoming Season 4.

What are the difference of 2017 event from last year?

The main difference will be that Hong Kong is hosting a double-header, the first region in Asia to hold one. Another difference would be that Allianz E-Village tickets are complimentary this year, however interested parties will have to register to take part in the ticket ballot. For further information, please visit ballot.hkformulae.com

What is a double-header?

A double-header are two separate championship races that take place over two event days. Each event day consists of practices, qualifying and the race itself.

Will ticket be valid for both days, as per last year?

Both Single day ticket and Weekend tickets are available for purchase this year.

Does my child need their own ticket?

If your child is taller than 120cm/1.2 metres then they do need their own ticket. If they are below this height then they can gain complimentary access into the Allianz E-Village, however need to be accompanied by an adult.

Are there any student discounts available?

No. There are no student discounts available

Why is the pricing different for the Tamar Park Grandstand in comparison to Observation Wheel and Lung Wo Road Grandstands?

The pricing is different for Tamar Park Grandstand due to the high demand, as spectators can view the start/finish of the race and because the Grandstand is situated next to the main E-Village.

Will spectators in Allianz E-Village be able to see the race track this year?

No. Allianz E-Village spectators will not have any view of the race track, however can watch the race live on the big screens.

Can I meet the drivers?

A meet & greet session will be arranged with the drivers on each day at Allianz E-Village. Please refer to the schedule for more information.


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